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LED Lighting manufacturers Description
Whether you work in a variety of commercial environments, often drive off-road, or just want to buy a low-cost lighting device, it is a wise choice to buy our Light Bar Of LED. It is a common form of LED lighting, which can ensure the safety of people traveling at night or help you attract customers, because it has a good information transmission capacity. This kind of lamp strip wraps the high-quality lamp core components in a solid shell to protect them from dust and rain, so as to ensure maximum brightness and long service life.
This Light Bar Of LED is packaged with a chip, which will not occupy too much space when used, because it can be cut or extended at will without affecting the luminous effect. Because the shell is relatively soft, it is suitable for irregular places and narrow spaces, with flexible use characteristics. At the same time, it has red, green, blue and white colors to choose from, so you can adjust the brightness or decorate the room through its DIY mode. In addition, we will provide you with professional 3M strong adhesive accessories, which you can easily install in your room, your door and various business areas.
Q1锛欴o you plug it into the wall or do you use batteries?
A1:You plug it into your wall with the adapter that is included.
Q2:Is there a white ligjt setting?
A2:Yes there is.LED Lighting manufacturers

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