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China Diametrically Magnetized Ring Magnet suppliers
Company Profile
Our company is committed to the R&D, processing, manufacturing and sales of medium and high-end NdFeB magnets and ferrite magnets. We produce 200 tons of NdFeB magnets and 400 tons of ferrite magnets annually.
Team Introduced
Our company has an independent and professional R&D and production team.
Development History
Our predecessor was founded in 2015, after nearly 10 years of development. It has a complete R&D and production capacity of NdFeB magnets and ferrites. We can provide customers with various medium-high demand magnet products.

Competitive Advantage
We can provide customized processing of various types of magnet products according to customer requirements.
Company Mission
We adhere to the quality policy of "work with heart, work with heart, and serve with heart", and rely on the business philosophy and perfect management system of "honesty first, service first, reliable quality, and win-win cooperation".
China Diametrically Magnetized Ring Magnet suppliers

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