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IndoorHDLEDDisplaySuppliers Products Description
LP2 lightweight indoor led video monitor, Indoor ultra-thin display cabinet. Adopted integrated die-casting aluminum design, lighter and compact, the thickness is only 30mm, which is one of the thinnest cabinets.Screen aspect ratio is 16:9, meet the prevailing golden ratio of the market.The splicing way is simple and easy to operate, as well as the fixed steel frame structure. Less consumables, strong environmental compatibility.
More convenient maintenance methods
The module is adsorbent by magnet, and the installation and maintenance process is simple
HUB connection
Connect directly through the HUB board port, safer and faster
Simple internal structure
Product internal wire use less, the internal environment is simple, product use stability is better
High flatness
With high precision connecting pieces, the product can be installed seamlessly
Product Picture
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