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Buy Plastic and Composite Pipe and Fitting Application of UPVC Pipes and Fittings
1. Water Supply Engineering
2. Electrical Engineering
3. Construction Engineering
4. Drainage and Sewage Engineering
5. Salt Water Engineering
6. Well Drilling Engineering
7. Irrigation
8. Chemical Factories
9. Paper Mills
10. Acidifying and Fermenting Plants
11. Electroplating Factories
12. Mining Plants
13. Fisheries
Advantage of UPVC Pipes and Fittings
1. Light weight, easy to load and unload
2. Excellent resistant to corrosion
3. Low flow resistance with smooth surface.
4. Strong mechanical strength to withstand internal pressure and external impact
5. Super electrical insulation and used as conduit pipe for cable and wires
6. No effect on water quality
7. Simple installation and both time and time saving
Reference Standard of UPVC Pipes and Fittings
ASTM D1785
Size Range of UPVC Pipes
Size: OD20-OD800
Length: 6M or Customized
Pressure Rating:
BS/DIN/EN/ISO Series: PN6鈥擯N25
ASTM Series: SCH40/SCH80
Joint Type: Solvent Welded, Gasket Sealed and Threaded
Note: Slotted Pipes and Perforated Pipes available upon request.
Category of UPVC Fittings
Coupling/Reducing Coupling/Compression Coupling/Repair Coupling
22.5掳 Elbow/2245掳 Elbow/90掳 Elbow/Threaded 90掳 Elbow
Tee/Reducing Tee/Copper Threaded Tee/Y Tee
Plain Flange/Blind Flange/Copper Threaded Blind Flange/Spigot Flange/Loose Flange/Clamp/Saddle Clamp
End Cap/Copper Threaded Cap
Male Adaptor/Female Adaptor/Copper Threaded Female Adaptor
Ball Valve/Butterfly ValveBuy Plastic and Composite Pipe and Fitting

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