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Loop Forming and Wrapping and Tie Up All-in-one Machine Kinglaier Machinery >>
Cable Equipment Solutions
To provide you with a one-stop cable equipment solution

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Integrity and quality
Are you troubled by maintenance problems of mechanical equipment?

There is abnormal noise or the load is too heavy after the device is started.
The device does not function properly (abnormal vibration).
Abnormal wear
Link blocking
Poor lubrication
Short service life
Foreign body stuck
Worn or damaged transmission parts
Engine oil leak
Customer use site - keep improving
Special equipment and production lines can be customized for users

Customer use site

Customer use site

Customer use site

Customer use site

Customer use site
Jinlaier Machinery 4 major advantages
Jinlaier Electromechanical Equipment
To provide you with high standards, personalization, advanced equipment and first-class solutions
Focus on complete sets of automation cable equipment for many years
More than 10 years focused on complete sets of automated cable equipment

It can customize production lines with various special requirements for users to meet the needs of different customers.

Based on years of experience in equipment research and development and manufacturing in the industry, we customize and design special equipment and production lines according to the special process requirements of users.
One-stop Solution Expert
Professional manufacturer with many years of relevant experience

A high-tech enterprise specializing in R&D, manufacturing, improvement and innovation of cable equipment.

The main parts and components used in the machine are original and authentic products from Japan, Taiwan and the United States, and the products are exported to all over the world: Central Europe, South America, South Africa, etc.
Have a perfect and capable professional team
Professional service and leading technology

Leading technology, reliable quality and excellent service.

The company has a number of technical professionals who have been engaged in the cable equipment industry for a long time. Through superb technology and unremitting efforts, we can provide you with perfect services.
High-quality pre-sales and after-sales service, let you rest assured
Professional pre-sales and after-sales technical support

Accurate quality, strict delivery date and perfect service are our promises.

Timely and effective after-sales support makes your cooperation worry-free. The after-sales service center has a professional after-sales service team and a professional technical support team to provide users with solutions.
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Hangzhou Jinlaier Machinery 鈥斺€?/p>
Specializing in R&D and manufacturing of cable equipment
Hangzhou Jinlaier Machinery Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in the research and development and manufacture of cable equipment, single twisting machine, extrusion machine, wrapping machine, armoring machine, shaking machine, coiling machine, cage twisting machine, beaming machine, and double twisting machine. , improvement and innovation of high-tech enterprises.
Jinlaier has developed and improved high-tech production lines focusing on fluoroplastic lines, low-smoke and halogen-free, PE foam, high-density foam, special PU lines, 5E cables, and category 6 cables. We will create the brilliance of the enterprise together with users with "high-quality products, preferential prices, and honest services".
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